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Custom cake questions answered

Greetings! If you’ve never ordered a custom cake before you might have questions. Here are some common questions about custom cakes.

How early should I order?

It’s best to reach out at least 2-4 weeks in advance of your event. It is not uncommon for wedding cakes to be requested months in advance to secure a spot. Sooner is always better, this allows ample time to brainstorm, design, and create the perfect cake for the vision.

Which events need custom cakes?

Custom cakes make life’s events so much sweeter (LOL :)). Though we expect to see a custom cake at a wedding, they are also so special for birthdays as they can be designed to match themes or interests of the recipient. One of my favorite cakes I have ever had was a birthday cake which was designed around the love of my life, my dog, Scout! I was just so so happy. My birthday was 1000x more memorable because my super adorable custom cake, best birthday memory to date.

Events big and small where a cake is just the right touch: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, galentine’s, friend anniversaries, anniversaries, corporate events, graduations, engagements, retirements, holidays, welcome home parties, housewarmings, New Year’s Eve and just because YOU WANT CAKE!

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Not at this time

What about the design?

Design is where the magic happens. Your vision and vibe direct design and you will receive a sketch of the cake for approval before any making. It is important to make sure we are a good match so you can get the cake of your dreams! Going for that wow factor!

How much does a custom cake cost?

Price will vary on size, complexity, and design. It is important that your cake gets the attention and design time it deserves. The cost of the cake includes the design fee, all custom supplies and also decorative pieces and process work required to complete your beautiful cake.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery for wedding cakes is HIGHLY recommended as I use a special box (the cake safe) to transport your cake to the event site without issues. Delivery is also highly recommended for bigger/taller cakes to ensure a successful delivery.

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